About Us


Across many settlements, “self-reliance strategies” have been developed. Research shows that both refugees and the host community benefit from the approach. Refugees can establish businesses, many of which trade with and employ host nationals. It creates greater opportunities for agriculture and entrepreneurship, and a shared marketplace for refugees and the local population.

Kumi Kumi puts refugees back to work leveraging already existing practises for them to earn a living and restore their dignity. Refugees are already producing items such as art and crafts including baskets, jewellery, decorations among others. etc. that we sell via our online platform to customers worldwide that links global buyers with refugee sellers 



65.3 million people forced from their homes by war, internal conflicts, drought or poor economies
21.3 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18; the rest are economic migrants and internally displaced persons



How it works

Kumi Kumi provides basic business management skills to refugees and works with other rural based organisations to provide logistical Support. Refugee products are then added on our platform accessible to regional and global markets

Items are bought at a premium

  • 10% mandatory savings for the refugee seller
  • 10% mandatory refugee health insurance
  • 10% mandatory social security
  • 10% goes to Kumi Kumi
  • 10% for platform maintenance
  • 50% to Refugee to spend at her discretion